Christmas Wishlist 2013: Brandon

8:00 AM

What fun is putting together a Christmas wishlist for yourself if you don't do one for one of the main person you shop for? Brandon definitely has a penchant for nice quality (and expensive) things, but they're all things that will last him quite a long time (if not forever).

Brandon loves his Scottish ancestry (it's kind of hard not to when you grow up in Scotland County and go to Scotland High), and this blanket would be perfect for him. The fact that this one is wool makes me a little nervous though because I am the world's worst when it comes to wool or anything itchy. 

Vintage Leather Wingback Chair
Brandon's been doing a fantastic job decorating his office and a pair of leather wingbacks would be a perfect finishing touch. I think the best way to eventually do this would be to find a pair of chairs on Craigslist and have them recovered in a leather hide.

There's few things Brandon likes more than making an old fashioned after a hard week of work - mainly - me making him an old fashioned. These ice cube would perfectly chill his drink and be a great stocking stuffer.

Since Brandon was traveling so much for work, we invested in a few nice pieces of Filson luggage for him. Now that he has the luggage, he really needs to get a luggage tag for them so they won't get lost.

A nice overcoat is the one piece of outerwear that Brandon doesn't have and would probably be one of the most used. Since he has to wear a suit every day, he normally just walks into work cold in the winter. 

Brandon has a summer cummerbund set from a wedding he was in a few years ago and a black satin one from our wedding, but he's always talked about getting one with his family tartan. I know this is the wrong tartan, but I'm sure our friends at High Cotton could help us out!

Last year I got Brandon the black and gold version of these. They're great looking cufflinks and we both love that they're hand made in the United States.

Driving Mocs should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. I love that these are a little different than a traditional driving moc with their suede tie.

Brandon has wanted a pair of velvet slippers for as long as I can remember - especially after he spotted my Grandpa's. A black pair would be perfect for formal events, but there's something about the blue ones with the American flag (or a state of North Carolina flag) that I really like. They'd definitely be more versatile. 

We seriously can never have enough red clothes in our family. Red seems to be the one color we both have a hard time finding. Ledbury has one of the best customer service departments. They're shirts are expertly made and really hold up.

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  1. just sent this link to my sister!!!! AAAAMAZING finds! xx

    1. I'm glad you like the list! :) Brandon was pretty excited when he saw it too!



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