Friday Five

10:42 AM

Another Friday's finally here and the last one before the Holiday's are "officially" here. I've broke down yesterday and started listening to Christmas music at work. I held out about 3 more weeks than normal, so that's pretty good in my book. 

Our calling cards are here!
I talked about getting them here and we finally got them. I'd been looking at the ones we ended up getting for a while (since we got married) and I'm so excited we finally ordered them. They're from Missive and Lisa was so fantastic to work with. Once I placed my order she sent me three different layout options the same day. It took about a week to print up and they got to us in 3 days. I ordered these Crane envelopes to use with them.

I tried this hairstyle out last night for our black tie event and loooove the way it turned out. I didn't have the clips that Lauren's using, so I just used bobby pins. Next time I do this, I'm definitely going to get those clips. As a leftie, I think I'm also going to invest in a curling wand. This one is right up my alley with the heat safety glove! The barrel clip is just not my friend. 

This weekend look
Nothing's cosier than an oversized sweater and a great scarf. I love the color combo of the gray and bordeaux here. The high in Raleigh on Sunday is 38, so we're definitely going to have to bundle up!

I am in desperate need of new luggage and I love the way this bag looks. It also has the cutest matching travel case. I've been using the same red rolling suitcase for years now and while I love it, Brandon had a mishap with a bottle of bourbon while borrowing it and it now wreaks. Apparently spilled bourbon smells like stale beer. Who knew? Fingers crossed for a Tory Burch Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

Leftover Labels
I saw Christina post these the other day with her Thanksgiving inspiration and I couldn't get over how cute they are! If you're hosting a holiday, it'd be the perfect way to send family and friends home with leftovers. The boxes would always ensure you not having to give away all your tupperware!

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  1. Ooooh I LOVE the cards. They are perfect!
    That vintage-y hairstyle is gorgeous!
    I am really loving the bordeaux color this season!



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