These are a few of my favorite things: Stocking Stuffers

9:58 AM

I'm linking up again with Elise at Cheers Y'all. Up today is stocking stuffers. Hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration to make your holiday shopping easier and more enjoyable!

This pillow would be the perfect accent to our new bedding. I love the colors and the blue coordinate perfectly with our new Matouk bedding.

These are the gloves that Kate Middleton has been seen wearing time and time again. We may not be royal, but we can at least wear the same gloves as them (and not break the bank!) The cotton version of these are $77.68.

I have a slight addiction to Essie nail polish. I don't think I have a single other brand. The colors are fantastic and it tends to last longer on my nails than other brands.

The Sophia studs come in such fantastic colors that it's hard to narrow it down to just one pair.

I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about 2014, but this cute desk calendar would certainly help to ease you into the new year.

I know the holidays are technically over after Christmas, but the candle smells too good to not keep burning. Let's think of holiday as winter

Every time I go in Anthro, I look at these mugs. I love the floral pattern and the stamped initial. It'd be the perfect mug for a hot cup a tea (maybe you could steal a bit of whipped honey).

Growing up we always got our favorite toiletries in our stocking. We both just got this toothbrush and are loving it so far. Our teeth feel so much cleaner than with a regular brush.

Perfect for your favorite cocktails

This red with white polka dots is Brandon's absolute favorite

The perfect accessory. They have so many great styles to choose from. The North Carolina flag one is our favorite and matches Brandon's belt.

I love the fun statement these make - perfect with suits or jeans.

You can never have enough koozies in our house. They're always disappearing.

We got some of this at JLR's Shopping Spree and it is so good. Perfect on a piece of toast, sandwich, as a marinade, or in your hot toddy.

The best way to keep dibs on your fancy luggage is with a matching luggage tag.

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  1. We have blue & white dishes and theme in our kitchen and so I'm totally in love with that mug!! Great picks!!

  2. That pillow is so pretty! We are getting ready to renovate our house and I'm thinking these colors should be added!! Whipped honey sounds amazing!!

  3. I love the calendar on the stand and those bow gloves are so cute! So many good ideas!

  4. Love that needlepoint nc keychain...I am always a needlepoint lover!!!! And I think I'm going to need to try out a nest candle!! Thanks for linking up with us!!!! :)



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