A Few of My Favorite Things: Gifts Under $100

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Today is the last installment of the "My Favorite Things" series. I've loved participating and I hope they do this again next year! I think it's been more helpful than a typical gift guide and I hope it's given y'all lots of great ideas! Once again, I created a list of gifts for both men and women.

I have this shirt in white with red stripes and I can't wait to add a navy one to my collection. They are extremely comfortable and the perfect classic stripe.

This tray would be a cute accents to your bar or coffee table. This is the 8x10 size, but it's also available in an 11x14 size.

$90 ($10 extra to personalize)
I have a few different Graphic Image products and they've all held up extremely well over the years. I would highly recommend checking out their products if you haven't before. It'll be too late for get a calendar, but for everything else, I recommend waiting until July for their 50% off Christmas in July sale!

I love the look of these jars to much. They have them at numerous stores around Raleigh, and this one from Amazon is the cheapest I've seen. 

$50 each (numerous colors)
These pillows are currently on my wish list even though I'm not sure where I would put them. There's just something about the hot pink with the white piping that I love.

$60 for embosser and plate and $35 for an extra plate
I have one of these and it's the best thing ever. I love sending out mail and getting to use my embosser. You can easily switch out the plates which is great if you ever move, or if you want to get one to personalize your recipe cards or books.

This is my favorite scent ever. I've been using the newish Elie Saab parfum since our wedding, but it doesn't last as long as Chanel does. In college I used Chanel Chance and one spritz and I was good to go.

$79 for throw, can also be monogrammed at South for under $100 total.
I love the herringbone pattern and colors these throws go in. I don't think there's a single night that I don't wrap up in a blanket on our sofa, so I'm always on the lookout for a nice, soft throw.

Brandon's been using this for a little over a year now and it's held up great. It's stayed structured and hold everything he needs.

I love that this book looks as sophisticated on the outside as I'm sure the content is on the inside. It'a a bit pricey for a book, but the black and gold cover is one that would always look great styled on a bookshelf.

This scarf is super soft and would look great paired with all sorts of coats/jackets. I would definitely borrow this one too!

Reed & Barton is one of my favorite companies. It's the go-to flatware maker in our family and their glassware is just as nice. A crystal decanter is definitely one that would last you forever.

($135 for shave set)
Includes one hand-poured shave soap tins, one handmade badger hair shave brush, one pre-shave oil and one aftershave - you can choose your scent! We did something similar to this for our groomsmen gifts. I love the way their product smells and the lather you get with a shave brush gives you a much closer shave than with shaving cream.

$65 (includes monogram)
My mom gave this to Brandon for Christmas three years ago and now my step dad also has one. It's held up great and is a fantastic price. I suggest ordering directly from them. It's cheaper and gets delivered within a week.

$95 (Includes frames, prescription lenses, case and cleaning cloth + they donate a pair of glasses to someone on need!)
Brandon's on his second pair of these (his first pair are still in great condition, he was just ready for new frames). He gets complimented on his glasses almost every day and you cannot beat the price. I don't foresee him ever getting a pair of glasses that aren't Warby Parker

I know this is kind of pricey for a hair brush, but it's seriously the best brush you will ever by. Brandon is obsessed with his. He's even kept the box to put his brush in when he travels so nothing happens to it. They're really easy on your hair and I know that with my hair being longer, I definitely "shed" less with this brush than any others. 

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  1. I love the throws! They look so soft. And thanks for sharing some ideas for men! They are always the hardest to buy for.

  2. That zig-zag tray is to.die.for. I may have to get that! Also LOVE Warby Parker! That's all we wear in our home!

  3. yess that tray is gorgeous! I've been so into all of the gold! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love both of these gift guides!! You have great taste :) I really want an embosser and my husband doesn't get it. haha!

  5. I have been obsessed with gold everything lately so needless to say I LOVE that gold zigzag tray too cute!

  6. an embosser...a throw...a gold and white tray...I am FEELING you with this list girl! and the glasses on your guys' list are the exact kind i'm trying to convince the hubby to get!!!!
    thanks for linking up with us, darling! cheers!!!!! xx

  7. The gold and white tray and embosser...both awesome ideas! I'd love love love an embosser!!



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