Bedding Decisions

9:10 AM

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I can't get over all that snow at the Lions-Eagles game yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who voted in my bedding poll! It was really helpful to see the votes coming in, and definitely helped me decide which one I liked best of all (and luckily, Brandon and all of y'all agreed!).

I took advantage of the 15% off code that Bradley of Luella & June was offering to celebrate Season 3. I ordered the red euro shams and am so excited for them to get here. Hopefully our headboard will be here before Christmas, so we'll have an extra fancy biscuit to sleep in. The D. Porthault boudoir pillow is definitely going to have to wait a little bit. The $295 price tag definitely isn't an impulse buy. 

Now that we have our new euro shams on the way...I'm ready to part ways with our original Biscuit shams. They're the Katie euro shams in black and white. I think it says a  lot about the quality and how great these pillows are that I reordered the same exact ones again, just in a different color. 

The shams are originally $75 each, but I'm selling them for $30 each. They're in perfect condition. 
Let me know if you're interested!


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