Three Steps to Doing Christmas Right

8:00 AM

This post was in my Bloglovin' feed yesterday and it definitely struck a cord with me. It's a fantastic reminder of what Christmas is all about - and how to "embody the true meaning of the season by incarnating Jesus this year." It's about being present and love - and it's something we can all do. And with one week to go until Christmas, I'm sure plans are still being sorted out, and sometimes it's just a simple reminder to make that extra effort for someone else.

1. Show up. You make the effort. You schedule the date. You send the text. You apologize. You make the trip even though they never do. You get messy. You move!!! Because if you’re living incarnationally, it’s always your move.
2. Be there. When you get there, where ever there is, be there! Be there with your energy, attention, and heart. Don’t think about where you’d rather be, need to be, or where you’re going next, give your presence. Cry with them if they need to be cried with. Laugh with them if they need to be laughed with. Cook with them if they need to be cooked with. Or just sit and watch the game with them if they need it. Be there.
3. Love out. Most importantly, leave no doubt in their mind, even if there’s doubt in yours, that you believe they’re well being is more important than yours. Astonish them and humor God for just a day by pretending you love them more than I.
Because, about 2,000 years ago, Jesus did. He gave presence (not presents) and it changed the trajectory of history.

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