Weekend Recap

10:08 AM

This weekend was full of friends, family and lots of Christmas shopping. I think this is the most I've ever been on top of our Christmas shopping and I'm about 92% done. I'm hoping we'll have lots of packages delivered to our house this week! Mom and I probably looked like crazy people carrying all of our bags on Saturday.

Have y'all seen Brooks Brothers' new holiday bags? They already have the best quality bags in retail, and now they're tartan! Between buying Brandon some new suits at their Black Friday sale and Christmas shopping, we've spent a lot of time in their Crabtree store lately and their sales associates are just the best. Ask for Nate next time you stop in!

Brandon's family came up for his high school's State Championship football game at at Carter Finley. The weather was terrible, but the stuck it out for the entire game. They weren't able to pull out a win, but it was nice to have his family come up for the day!

Sunday we went to church and brunch and then I relaxed the rest of the day and watched Christmas movies. I have a cold, so it was just what the doctor ordered - and I couldn't beat the view.

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