Christmas Recap

11:44 AM

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. Brandon and I were both off work starting December 23rd and are just back at work today. It was such a nice break and we got to see so many family and friends. We really got the most out of this holiday season and I am excited and ready to face this new year!

Our Christmas was much less hectic, and spread out over a few different days. Christmas Eve we went to my mom's sister's for Christmas with them. Dale brought oysters and shrimp again this year and that's a tradition I'm very happy to keep. Christmas day Brandon and I had Christmas just the two of us before mom, Dale, and Ryan came over. That night we went to my dad's house and the next day we went to his brother's to celebrate Christmas with that side of the family.

I always have so much fun shopping for Brandon.
He's so easy to buy for and he's always SO excited no matter what he's opening.

He's been wanting velvet slippers f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and I was so excited to give them to him. I ordered them back in September and they came on Christmas Eve. I was kiiiind of stressing that they wouldn't arrive in time. They turned out fantastic and he can't wait to wear them to a black tie wedding we have next weekend!

Breakfast was super easy and so good. I made my go-to sausage and egg casserole (I'll post the recipe next week) along with a new recipe for monkey bread. We also have mimosas every Christmas morning and I'd been saving a bottle of my favorite champagne for the occasion. Even my mom, who is not a drinker at all, said it was delicious!

After opening presents, we watched Christmas movies and had a cheese plate snack. It was perfect and so relaxing.

Friday night we watched our friend's little boy so they could go to a Cane's game. We had so much fun with this little guy. He just turned 9 months and is already standing/taking a few steps. 
Can y'all even stand this face? Brandon and I literally have a gush-fest every time anyone posts a new picture or video of him. Mom's decided we can't have a baby until he's at least two because that is just too much cuteness to compete with. 

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