Friday Five

9:42 AM

This past week was a really good one. Wednesday and Thursday I took an Illustrator class at NC State's McKimmon Center for work. It was so informative and I really enjoyed being back in school (especially at State) knowing how I was going to directly apply what I was learning as well as not having to worry about a test or paper at the end of it. 

Tomorrow night we're going to Cowfish with my family and I am so excited. Cowfish is my favorite place to get sushi in Raleigh which is funny/ironic since it's not solely a sushi restaurant. Everything is so fresh. The Miss Moffitt Roll is my jam, y'all. So good. 

I can't get over how gorgeous these dark peonies are. Has anyone seen them at a florist or grocery store? The Whole Foods on Wade actually had peonies a few weeks ago, but they were the pink ones and felt a little too spring for this time of year. Can you just imagine a winter wedding with blooms all in this hue? Breathtaking. 

Now that Christmas is over, our front door is nekkid. In the past, I've always put back up our NC State wooden "plaque." This year, I am in love with all the boxwoods I've seen. This one from NaturDesign of etsy is gorgeous and not too expensive. This is what this month's "blow money" might be going towards. This with a burlap bow could take us from winter to spring without any issue.

We've decided to hold up on making any decor change to our house. Although that gray fabric is *perfect,* there are still some drawbacks. Even with 10-12 yards of it being free, it's $200/yard retail and $93/yard at mom's cost. That is a lot of money - even if we only needed 3 more yards. Plus the cost of around $300/each to have them recovered (plus the ottoman). We're going to hold onto that fabric though, because it's perfect. I think long term, we might recover the sofa in the gray and have the club chairs covered in a white Sunbrella fabric with a gray trim of some sort (like this). With buying a house in the next year and a half or so, I don't want to make any expensive decisions now that might not work in our new home. Decorating money is also valuable down payment money!

With all of that's still fun to look for and gather inspiration!
I love this wallpaper by Meg Braff Designs. I think it's the perfect combo of pattern and color without being too overwhelming. It would also be easy to transition from this blue to gray, green or most any other color in other rooms. The kitchen that features the wallpaper also makes me think it wouldn't be so bad to have a galley kitchen. (It still has more counter space than we have right now!)

I'm sure all of y'all have seen these book covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith by now as they've been circling Pinterest, etc. They're so pretty and would go perfectly on a bookshelf, but they also house some fantastic literature. One of the things on my 101 in 1001 list (#26) is to read every Jane Austen novel. I love all of the movies and am a little embarrassed to say I've never read any of the books! The book is always better than the movie in my opinion.

I am currently swooning over this Tory Burch bikini. It's sold as separates, which is a requirement when buying a bathing suit for me. I'm not sure of anyone who wears the same size top as they do bottom. The underwire support is also a huge plus in terms of fit and functionality in a bikini for me. Then there's the pattern - so perfect! For this year's family vacation, mom and Dale are talking about going to Sea Island (!!!) and this would be the perfect addition to my suitcase. 

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  1. Dark peonies...boxwood wreathes...geometric are after my own heart! Love!!! xx



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