Friday Five

8:00 AM

In honor of this week's snow, I thought it'd be fun to share my five must haves for a snow day. This is also my 400th post - what?! I've really enjoyed blogging about our life thus far and am excited to see where we go with the next 400. Brandon's firm booked our tickets to New Orleans yesterday, so a trip further down South is definitely one direction we're headed!

A warm blanket. For me, this is actually a requirement from the end of September until April. I love being wrapped up in a warm blanket. I've been eyeing this Herringbone one for a while now (maybe during their next sale?). It's pretty enough to actually keep out, which would be a change from our old fleece ones that we hide away.

A favorite mug. I got this one for Christmas and it is my absolute favorite. It's so pretty, and I of course love anything with some kind of rationalization. A lot of the letters are on back order online, but you should be able to find your letter in store. Anyone else as excited as I am about a new Anthro opening at North Hills this spring?   

Something warm to put in your mug. I'm normally a coffee or tea drinker in the morning, but I think snow days should call for something a little more special. Hot apple cider or hot chocolate would certainly do the trick! Although we both stuck with tea yesterday, I'm going to need to try out this recipe for Hot Bourbon Cider soon. I love that he points out to not use your best bourbon for this. There's no other way to describe my husband and his liquor preference than as a bourbon snob, so getting him to use something other than his favorite bourbons might be an issue. 
This is my choice for a hot cider starter. Fly Creek is about 15 minutes from my grandparent's house in Cooperstown, NY and we always make a trip whenever we're there. It's not particularly close to anything, but if you ever find yourself at the Baseball Hall of Fame, I highly recommend adding this to your to-do list.

If you have to venture out (or go on a pretty snow walk like Brandon and I did), welly socks for your boots are a must. I have the regular fleece ones and got mom this pair for Christmas. My feet were the only thing still toasty when we came back in after cleaning our cars off.

And whether you're inside or out...layers are key. As are lots of funny reruns of your favorite shows. 

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  1. Love that blanket! My fiancé and I were gifted those adorable anthropologie mugs...definitely makes sipping a lot more fun :)! Xx.

  2. mmm hot cider- I haven't thought of that at all this winter and now I'm having a major craving! haha Hope you stay warm this weekend!

  3. Oh this post is perfect for this week's weather we have been having!
    I could watch Friends all day everyday!

  4. Ahhhh yes! I definitely have an affection for herringbone. :)

  5. I have had that hot bourbon cider and it's to die for, you will love it. I love that throw blanket - herringbone is just so classic. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and congrats on #400!

  6. You had me at Hot Apple Cider! Makes the perfect snow day! Swooning over that blanket too! Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I have been debating between a pair of hunters or duck boots for awhile now. I think they are very warranted now with all the horrible weather we have been getting. We have been catching lots of Friends reruns and I have been layering up so much I feel like a marshmallow!

  8. Happy 400th post!! ... LOVE the Friends gif!! I quote part of that scene all the time, "could I be wearing any more clothes?!" lol!! Fun post! Thanks for sharing :) Enjoy your upcoming trip!!

  9. I'm wrapped in a warm blanket right now, and I've been wearing snow boots every time I leave the house!

  10. oh my goodness. 400! what an accomplishment. seriously…i love writing my blog, but sometimes i wonder if i should stop…but then i keep going and love it. it's a love/hate relationship. :) so when i make it to 400 maybe i'll have a celebration! halfway there! so glad i found you via the reader!



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