Friday Five

8:00 AM

Is it cold enough out there for you? If it insists on being this cold, I'm really going to need to it snow so we actually get something out of this freezing mess. Mom and Dale are taking a tree pruning class tomorrow and I am definitely not envying them. 

This week I discovered srirachia popcorn. Y'all, it is so addictive. I stumbled across it while looking for something salty/crunchy during this week's grocery trip. I've refrained from eating more than one serving at a time (for the most part), but it's so good that I could probably eat the entire bag in one sitting (and it's a big bag). It's also pretty spicy which means I end up drinking lots of water while eating it. Win-win?

I've been wanting to make these no-bake energy bites for forever now and this week was finally the week. (Well, in all actuality - Brandon made them - while I was sleeping on the couch... Best husband ever.). I've been having two after work to hold me over until Brandon gets home for dinner. Two of these and a glass of milk and I feel like I'm eating dessert. 

I'm still thinking about our Cowfish dinner from Saturday. I always know how much I love the Miss Moffitt roll, but I always forget just how good it is until I take that first bite. I would have one every week if I could! If you want the versatility of the Bento Box, you can order the Fusion Bento Box and switch out the roll options they have listed for this one!

Brandon's work conference is in New Orleans this year. It's not until the beginning of April, but I've already started my packing list. These trips can be difficult to pack for not only because that time of year is so unpredictable weather-wise, but there are lots of different events to plan for - daytime walking around and group activities that range from casual (like baseball games) to fancy client dinners. Last year I was totally unprepared weather-wise (it gets COLD in San Diego at night!), so I need to pack a lot smarter this year. I'm also hoping to pack light enough to fit everything into my carry on

I think this Ali Ro Anorak would be the perfect jacket and besides my blazer, the only one I'd need to bring. It could be dressed down for the plane ride and walking around during the day and dressed up for night.

Do any of y'all have one of these? Thoughts? 

I think I'm also going to get a new pair of Pixie pants for the trip. They're such a great pair of pants and the new ones actually have a longer inseam than the originals. I was hoping they would come out with a tall size, and then they did even better. They came out with a tall size in the pixies AND added length to the regulars (making them the perfect length for me!).
I'm obviously just in the preliminary planning stages for the trip, but it feels really good to be this organized so soon. There's nothing worse than the dreaded last minute packing because you put it off.

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  1. I totally need to try that roll at cowfish! I always get carried away making my own role. But that pic has me salivating. Need to try! :) Happy weekend! xx

  2. Hi love!!! I just started following you on bloglovin' and can't wait to read your blog! I'm Elise @ Cheers Yall's little sis and she has introduced me to the blog excited! Loving that Ali Ro's definitely on my wish list :)!

  3. Siracha popcorn!?? Get out!! Must find that for my hubs! That would be heaven on earth for him! So glad I found this post! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. Over from the link up! I've totally been meaning to make those energy balls. I think my husband would love them too!

  5. Energy bites are my fave and I bought the ingredients recently to make some for us this weekend. The best snack ever!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  6. I haven't made energy balls in too long, but your post inspired me- any snack with chocolate that still counts as healthy is my kind of snack! Happy to be your newest follower from the linkup :)

  7. Saying hi from the link-up! I'm totally intrigued by those energy balls and need to try them out...I'm always so hungry after work and could use something to tide me over until dinner!



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