Goals/Intentions for 2014

8:00 AM

This quote is my inspiration for 2014. I'm sure most of y'all have seen it a hundred times before, but it's definitely been placed on my heart this year. In 2013, my goals were more of a to-do list to be checked off. This year, I want to focus on bettering myself. Grace and Patience are my main goals and intentions for the year.

I tend to get huffy and impatient over the silliest thing and that is the main thing I want to work on this year. For my husband, who rarely if ever gets annoyed with me even though he has more right than anyone, I will try to be better. I will unplug when with family and friends. I'll put my phone away at night and won't spend it scrolling pinterest or blogs. These small steps will make our lives so much more full. 

I'm still planning on posting monthly goals of things I'd like to do and accomplish as well as some daily goals to try and form new habits. More on those tomorrow!

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