Snow Day!

9:15 AM

Pretty much everything in Raleigh was closed yesterday and it was awesome! I still get just as excited about a snow day as I did when I was younger. It's probably because it doesn't happen very often. We only ended up getting about 4 inches, but it was enough to not go into the office yesterday.

9:00ish on Tuesday night.

I was able to get a little bit of work done. We're in desperate need of a new laptop though. I rarely realize it because we just use our iPads most days and Brandon has a work laptop. It would be nice to be able to have a computer to store our important documents and wedding photos on - it would certainly make blogging easier too. #tbt #2007

Then I got distracted and started to re-read Harry Potter. I made it through the first book yesterday. Still just as good as the first and second times I read it (and third and forth). My brother and I are huuuge HP nerds. Like ridiculously so. We would go to B&N for the midnight release of the books and I made him and Brandon get to the theater 3 hours early for the midnight release of the movies. 

Happy Snow Day!

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  1. New follower! I'm in SC, and we got about 3 inches last week. It was so much fun because it's so unusual. Hope you enjoyed your winter wonderland!



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