The Working Man's Wardrobe

10:07 AM

In scrolling through my pinterest, I re-stumbled on this list of "the pieces every working man should possess." As someone whose husband has to wear a suit every single day and there isn't such a thing as "Casual Friday" (which he loves every minute of) - this is a pretty great list. There's obviously room to add more personal style touches, but this is a great list of the basics.

Brandon by no means has this entire list checked off, but it's a great covering of the basics. His ties are, of course, mixed in with a quite impressive bow tie collection and his luggage is the Filson canvas variety as opposed to the leather (which I think will hold up much better in the long run). I've been able to find some awesome Brooks Brothers ties in new or like-new condition on eBay for a really good price (most in the $20-$25 range)! 

If someone could design a good quality (preferably non-iron) shirt for under $100 that lasts for more than a year, that would be extremely helpful too. We might have to start getting non non-iron shirts and having them dry cleaned. After about a year his shirts are not only fraying at the seams, but they end up splitting at the permanent arm crease the non-iron creates. Any suggestions on shirts would be greatly welcomed!

Do the men in your life have to dress up for work or are they more like the guys in my office where khakis and button downs (plus a sweater when it's cold) rule to roost? At my office, they're super fancy when they throw on a blazer and tie.

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  1. Ben's button-downs do the same thing... drives me crazy! And of course he prefers the non-irons... He's so rough on his clothes and has a terrible habit of just tossing everything into the dryer



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