Weekend Recap + Grammys

11:10 AM

This weekend was filled with lots of delicious food! It kind of feels like all we did was eat, sleep, and watch Harry Potter (love a good ABC Family marathon). 

Friday night we stayed in and I tried my hand at making homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. They turned out great, were pretty easy to make and called for very few ingredients. We'll definitely be making this again soon. It was perfect for a cold night like Friday!

For lunch on Saturday we had BALTs and a baked avocado. It was really good and not too heavy because we knew we'd be eating a big dinner that night. For the avocados, I just sliced an avocado in half, put a few dashes of Texas Pete on them (Brandon's preferred hot sauce since it's made in North Carolina) and covered them with Parmesan cheese. Then I just put them in the oven under low broil and cooked until the cheese was melted. So good.

For dinner we met Meredith, Kevin, Jenny and Chris at Guglhupf Bakery in Durham. We'd been here once before to meet our videographers for dessert, but we've never had dinner here. The restaurant has a really nice vibe and I loved all the floating lanterns. Our meal was really good and it was so fun to have a night out with friends. We're definitely going to need to do this more often. I see Jenny and Meredith most weeks, but we've never gone out with our men before and it was a lot of fun.

Sunday we rounded out our weekend of delicious food at Beasley's for brunch. We hadn't been in ages and it was just as good as always.

Last night I flipped back and forth between the Grammy's and the Bachelor wedding. The wedding was pretty boring and was kind of weird that it was all happening live. I think it would have been better tv if it was taped. It was super weird that they took a commercial break in the middle of the ceremony. Sean and Catherine were super cute after they walked out of the ceremony. It was nice they got their moment "alone" despite having a nationally televised wedding.

The Grammy's on the other hand killed it. Beyonce and Jay-Z. Oh my goodness. That was amazing. The only thing that semi-ruined their performance was the cut to Taylor Swift's awkward dancing...
What is that? Please stop. 

Also - Do you see Yoko there by Ed Sheeran? Did y'all notice that when she was up to announce Album of the Year, Alicia Keys had to move her from being front and center with Daft Punk? Get off the stage Yoko. This is not your moment.

They were just so cute when they were hug-walking off the stage after their performance. And then watching them in their seats together plus Jay's acceptance speech. They win at life.

But the best GIF of the night...
Taylor Swift's "Oh my gosh...I wo...Oh, not I didn't."
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  1. just followed your blog via the linkup from last friday and we had sausage gravy with buscuits too! it's phenomenal & yours looks great too!




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