Friday Five

7:30 AM

Through this link-up, I've been introduced to so many great woman. It's so fun exploring new blogs and it's even better connecting with people. That's one of the best parts about blogging. Instead of my usual list of things for this week's Friday Five, I thought it would be fun if y'all answered five questions about yourself so we can continue to get to know each other even better. 

1. A recent splurge or one you're saving up for
2. Favorite playlist
3. Favorite nail polish color
4. Your go-to favorite recipe
5. Favorite DIY project

My answers...
1. I have two. A new macbook and a DSLR camera.
2. Of Monsters and Men on Pandora
3. For every day, I love Essie's Ballet Slippers, but for a more fun look, I love Essie's Forever Young (the perfect Wolfpack red).
4. Lately it's been the mini chicken and waffles from April
5. The boubon bar from our wedding our our gallery wall

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  1. Love this idea!
    1. I'm really wanting some Hunter boots.
    2. 90's Pop on Pandora
    3. OPI Samoan Sands
    4. Paula Deen's Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cookies. So easy to make and always a crowd pleaser.
    5. Turning a $30 Craigslist dresser into our dining room buffet.

  2. Visiting from the link up! Great post idea.
    1.) Getting ready to purchase a Macbook
    2.) Loving Katie Perry in the car on my way home from work.
    3.) Essie Ballet slippers! Love soft pink neutrals.
    4.) Million Dollar Spaghetti- found it on Pinterest
    5.) I'm not a good DIY person......I'm new at blogging and have only had my blog for 2 weeks so I am going to say I am proud that I made a blog! :)

  3. I love Essie's Ballet Slippers color! Perfect for Spring too! PS. I love that you have "Bless your heart" at the top of your page! Only my favorite saying!

  4. What a sweet idea:
    1. A new coach purse, I wanted something a little bigger than my other purse.
    2. Top 100 type list.
    3. Classic red! Reminds me I wanted to paint my toes.
    4. Spaghetti and meatballs - via annie's eats!
    5. Finger painting canvases for the holidays with my daughter! Just did LOVE canvas with a hand print for the O and two feet for the V.

  5. Love this idea!
    1. An elliptical -- no more gym membership, so it's kind of like I'm saving money, right?
    2. The "Fancy China" playlist on Songza.
    3. Revlon's "Chili." It's part of their Top Speed line, and it's a great orange-y red. Instant good mood when I swipe it on!
    4. Homemade Thai curry with baked tofu. So gratifying.
    5. Making my own Mineral Veil knock-off!



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