Olympics Opening Ceremony Party

8:00 AM

Two Fridays ago (I'm so behind!), we hosted some friends for an Opening Ceremony party. We decided to do this last minute, so I didn't go too crazy with decorations, but it was a lot of fun! Everyone ended up wearing Red, White & Blue which was perfect. I think this was a really great reason to throw a little party and we're definitely planning on throwing one for every Olympics. 

I was talking to one of my co-workers last week and for the next Olympics, we're definitely stealing his and his wife's party idea. For both Summer and Winter Olympics, they throw a huge party at their house. They always dress up in costume from the host country and then his wife and one of her friends assigns everyone else a country. They plan it about a month in advance so everyone has plenty of time to get their costumes together. So fun!

Mini BLTs, Mini Chicken & Waffles, Mac & Cheese, Amazing Mediterraneo that Meredith brought and mini Red Velvet Cupcakes 

*Photos thanks to Meredith*

In honor of Russia being the host country, we decided to make White Russians...which nobody liked. 

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  1. Love the idea of dressing up as different countries! Did you hear about Russia spoofing themselves during the closing games? At least they have a sense of humor :) I am already looking forward to the summer Olympics!

  2. This is so adorable- especially those coke bottles! I may have to steal that idea for the fourth of July ;) Y'all really went all out!



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