Super Bowl Recap

11:05 AM

If you're a Seahawks fan or (as the radio pointed out this morning) an NC State/Russell Wilson fan, you're probably pretty happy this morning. Being the latter, I am of course pumped that Russell won his first Super Bowl! Two of my favorite QBs were playing, so I wasn't too riled up about wanting "my team" to win. I would have been just as happy if Phillip Rivers or Eli Manning had been playing. 

There was some pretty good NC State representation on both teams (Russell Wilson, J.R. Sweezy, Steven Hauschka, and Nate Irving) . Eric Decker's also pretty cute. 

We went over to Meredith's house for the game and had a fantastic time! There was lots of yummy food, as is always a given when we go to Meredith's. The game could have definitely been more exciting to watch, but Brandon and I came away winning $20! 

Here are my favorite two commercials from the night (they're actually the only commercials I thought were cute): 

Did you have any favorite commercials? There's a good chance I was too busy talking and missed some of the good ones. Any thoughts on the Super Bowl halftime show? I thought Bruno Mars did a really good job, but I could have done without the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Nothing will beat Destiny's Child performing with Beyonce at last year's Halftime show though. 

And how can anyone forget to mention that coat. Oh Joe. 

And then there was this hilarious tweet from Hil.

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