Valentine's Recap

8:44 AM

Sorry to have been MIA this past week! Things have been so crazy at work on top of Brandon and I both coming down with really bad colds. We're loving this warm weather though! Totally in denial that it's supposed to get cold again by next weekend (and completely ignoring that chance for snow). I'm so ready for Spring - with all it's sunshine and warm weather. 

My Valentine's Day could not have been better. I know that people have very mixed feelings about the day (I'm actually one of them), but Brandon loves any excuse to be romantic, and I just go with the flow. 

Friday I woke up to my absolute favorite Starbucks drink and Krispy Kreme. I'm not a huge donut fan, but give me heart shaped and sprinkles and I'm on board. That sweet husband of mine got me a half dozen of my own and then an extra dozen to take to work. 

We decided to go the more casual/budget friendly route this year. Brandon made me dinner at home this year. I make dinner most nights because I get home from work first, so this was a special treat. He is so fancy, y'all. he let me take a nap/rest while he got everything together.

Gorgeous red tulips from Whole Foods - exactly what I wanted.

Brandon pulled out all the stops with a five course meal. He had planned to set the table, but ran out of time. It ended up being perfect because we changed into comfy clothes and ate on the sofa while watching House of Cards. Perfectly us and exactly how I'd want to spend a Friday night with him - Valentine's or not.

Course 1 - Cheese Plate

Course 2 - Steamed Mussels (SO impressed with these!)

Course 3 - Arugula and pear salad

Course 4 - Scallops with a tomato cream pasta

Course 5 - Homemade chocolate mousse

I hope y'all had a fantastic Valentine's Day too! I was able to celebrate with some girlfriend's the Monday before and we made Valentine's cookies. Definitely something I'd love to do for every holiday!

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  1. scallops with tomato pasta...yes please. homemade chocolate mousse? double yes.



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