Wedding Items

8:00 AM

I haven't done a "Wedding Wednesday" post in quite some time, but when I was cleaning out our spare closet last weekend, I found some leftover things from our wedding that still need a new home.

Please email me at if you're interested in anything. 
Willing to consider any reasonable offer.

Scalloped mirror
Has a small chip in the corner where the edge meets the main part of the mirror. It was actually there when we bought it and I didn't notice it until after our wedding
Asking $30 local pickup only

Two 24" "M" moss letters with burlap ribbon/bow
Used at our wedding and a friend's wedding
Paid $115
Asking $50 local pickup only

Sarah's Stands white 18" pedestal cake stand
Used twice
Paid $205
Asking $60 local pickup only

Vera Wang black 3" grosgrain sash (broach not included)
Only worn once in above photo at first dress fitting
Paid $180 
Asking $90 shipped

Brandon's also finally ready to part with his vintage bourbon barrels
Paid $300
Asking $200 local pickup only

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