Wednesday Chit Chat

9:10 AM

Anyone else need a distracter from the fact that it's only Wednesday and so dark outside it looks like we should all still be in bed? The rain can go away now.

Downton was so good this week, but the Dowager was on point. Maggie Smith is incredible week after week. I'm not even worried about the scenes next week showing her ill because if they kill off Maggie Smith, this show will be done. And OH MY Edith is pregnant. More of that and less of Bates being all moody about poor Anna, please.

These two can also go ahead and get married now. Don't everyone hate me, but I think he is way cuter than Matthew. If they seriously try to put her with Charles Blake, I will not be pleased. I know her and Matthew started off hating each other, so hopefully Julian Fellowes won't repeat history here.

Then there was Monday night..Bachelor night. Yikes.
What was that toast!? "Here's to finding love, being loved and making love." She definitely wanted everyone to know they hooked up - in the ocean. Can you just imagine being the girl he does pick and watching this - because you know he doesn't pick her after that!? Gross.


I also caught the preview for Southern Charm on Bravo it's going to be so good. New guilty pleasure alert. It's set in Charleston, which is arguably in my top 5, if not top 3 favorite city list and these people are just too much. It officially premieres March 3rd and I'll definitely be tuned in.

I'm also loving Cameran's (the blonde) style from the preview - not so sure about the dress she's wearing in the press photo, but everything in the preview episode was so on point.

RHONY is sure to be good with this as the teaser. Add in Ramona and Mario getting divorced and someone knocking off Aviva's leg and this is gearing up to be the best season of any of the Housewives, ever.

There's also some pretty amusing tweets coming from the press about the hotel conditions in Sochi. More here. I'm sure Matt Lauer's experience is much different than this.

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  1. I know what I'm going to be spending my lunch break doing now- catching up on Sochi. I have missed way to may episodes of Downton right now and need to catch up asap. I am also so excited for the premier of Southern Charm. I have a feeling I will fall even more in love with Charleston. Hope you have a great Wednesday!



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