Friday Five

7:30 AM

Happy Friday everyone! I'm really looking forward to this weekend with a special girl's night on Saturday! I'm also reeeaaally looking forward to the warmer weather this weekend and the first part of next week. I am just so over the cold. This has been a really long winter and I am counting down until March 16th which is 6 weeks after that pesky groundhog saw his shadow. 

This week Emily at Cupcakes + Cashmere posted the cutest small arrangements using blooms and herbs. I love the look and the added scent the fresh herbs would bring. I'm definitely planning to make a few of these for around our house and one for my desk at work to being a little Spring cheer.

A friend posted these on Instagram earlier this week and I just love them. I'm going to need to try them on in the store before I pull the trigor because they heel is quite substantial and at almost 5'9," I don't want to be towering over people. #tallgirlproblems

When Meredith hosted her Superbowl Party, she pulled out one of these olive oil sprayers. I've never seen one before and have been wanting one ever since. I'm not a big fan of Pam, so this is the perfect solution! 

These Tink + Tiger pajamas are so perfect, I can hardly stand it. I love these navy silk with green piping (and the seafoam!), but the cotton light blue stripe are great too. With these, Brandon wouldn't have to worry about me constantly stealing his pajamas

The first day of Lent/Ash Wednesday was this week. Brandon had a few commitments that kept us from going to the service at church, but I'm hoping we can spend these next weeks leading up to Easter to really focus on our relationship with God and his role in our marriage. I'm looking for a daily devotional book that we could do together and any suggestions are extremely welcome!

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  1. If you find a good couple's devotional please let me know! I have been looking for one too.

  2. I love the simplicity of your blog! It is so aesthetically pleasing! haha sounds silly but true! Happy to have found you today through the link up!

  3. those shoes!!!!
    Your blog is beautiful.
    Happy Friday!



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