Friday Five

7:30 AM

The warm, sunny weather earlier this week was just good for the soul. I got to take some nice, long walks and am feeling so good. I'm ready for Spring, more walks, sunshine, farmer's market, and grilling out. 

Don't forget to check out my "sister" blog, Southern in Love Sells! Everything is in great condition and some things are brand new or only been worn a couple of times!

After cleaning out my closet, I felt like things were kind of empty, so I took advantage of the J.Crew 25% off sale. I got two things for work and one new top. It's a hard balance between having a nice work wardrobe and spending all your clothes money on work clothes. You wear them most of your week, but it's nice to feel like you have a variety of things to wear on the weekend too! J.Crew's sale + leftover Christmas gift cards definitely came in handy.
Dress // Top // Skirt

After the bourbon explosion in my suitcase last fall, I've been in need of some new luggage. Side note: dried bourbon smells like stale beer. Not ideal. I was lucky enough to grab the Tory Burch nylon duffle while it was on sale last year, but I still need a good rolling suitcase. I think this one might find it's way onto my birthday wishlist this year. It seems really durable, has gotten great reviews, and is super cute!

Brandon had a client dinner at Piedmont in Durham this past Tuesday. It's a farm-to-table restaurant and has a lot of connections with Zely and Ritz, which was one of our favorite restaurants in Raleigh. Brandon couldn't say enough good things about it and it's been added to our list of places to go on a date night.

It's ACC Tournament time! When we were in school, everything stopped to watch the tournament and now that we're adults, not much has changed. The office clears out whenever there's a game and even Brandon's firm orders a big lunch to watch it at the office together. We were so excited that State pulled out a win over Miami last night and we'll be on pins and needles as we take on Syracuse tonight. (As mom says, what is an orange man anyways!?)

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  1. I have hard sided luggage and love it. Mine is not as pretty as that set though. I have started dressing up more and more for work this year and really loving the additions to my wardrobe. I drive my the J Crew outlet on my way to work so I am always popping in to see what they have. I'll be rooting for State tonight too!



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