Friday Five

8:00 AM

Wishing y'all a Good Friday, today! Not having work today is definitely a nice perk, but it doesn't get any better than the true reason for the day off. I'm finally, slowly getting back into the swing of things. I can't believe this is my first "Friday Five" in a month!
I'm sure some of y'all have already seen via instagram, but I chopped my hair off! Seven inches gone and I'm loving it! I've been contemplating cutting my hair for a while now and on Sunday I really got the "bug" to do it. Luckily, my hair stylist genius (and Brandon's cousin!) had a cancellation on Tuesday. I was a little nervous at first because that is a loooot of hair to cut off, but I am completely obsessed it! It feels so fresh for spring and is way easier to do.

Now that it's short, ironically, I feel like I can do more with it. It was so long that it was becoming a mental ordeal just to dry every morning (and a lot of times I wouldn't even bother). I can't wait to experiment with something like this. OP can do no wrong.

Have y'all been following the Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia? I'm pretty much obsessed with all things Royal - especially now that the Cambridges are involved. I've been loving all of Kate's outfits so far and can't get over how sweet Prince George is!

The latest "The Real Society Socials" has been my favorite yet. Not only am I loving her top and their house, but I am now swooning over that tervis tumbler set. Brandon and I love drinking out of tervis tumblers and I would even cave and do a couple's monogram for these!

Our new favorite cocktail hour snack, creamy yogurt avocado dip. Super easy to make and pretty good for you too! You could definitely use veggies instead of the pretzels and pita chips, but I don't think it would be nearly as tasty.

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  1. i am obsessed with the royal family, always have been! how cute is george! also, i totally agree, i loved my long hair but as soon as i cut it short, i suddenly could do so much more with it. i love Olivia's hair - i want that! have a great weekend lovely! Kristen @



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