New Orleans: Day 3 and 4

8:00 AM

Saturday was our last full day in New Orleans. The attorneys were done with their conference around noon, so we all met up for lunch at Chartres House where I ordered my first ever bloody Mary. Normally Brandon orders one and I just drink some of his.

After lunch we all split up and I made my sweet husband walk two miles to this strip of shops I had heard about. This is actually the only thing I wish we had done differently on our trip. We should have hopped in a cab and headed Uptown for shopping and walking around there. 

As we were walking back, we semi-explored the WWII Museum and the Civil War Museums (meaning we browsed the open area/entrances because there wasn't enough time to actual go in).

We decided to head over to the Ritz for a pre-dinner drink just the two of us (Love this bar and their jalapeno margaritas!). We made a mini pit-stop on the way there at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. You can tell who the intellectual in our relationship is because this was Brandon's  "geek out" moment. He noticed there were security guards inside, meaning the building was still open. They  were extremely nice and let us come in and check out a few of the court rooms.   

The architectural details were gorgeous! 

After drinks, we headed to the big client dinner of the trip. I think there were 20 of us at dinner! We went to MoPho which is a brand new restaurant that is owned by two guys that used to work with the people that own Piedmont in Durham. Despite the menu being a little "different" for some of the small town school board members, I think everyone really enjoyed dinner. Our waiter, Dane, was fantastic and made for a great dining experience.  

After that we headed to Bourbon Street for a "night out." We were all pretty exhausted after dinner, but we semi-rallied. We walked around Bourbon Street for a bit while popping into a bar here and there. We tried to go to Pat O'Briens, but the line was ridiculously long. We were able to see a show at Preservation Hall which was fantastic and I highly recommend going if you get a chance. We walked around a bit more and called it a night not too long after this waitress made us all take neon double test tube shots out of her mouth. I'm not sure which mortified me more - how we all took the shot or the amount of artificial flavoring used to make them so neon. 
( I had to borrow this picture because they said no pictures and I'm a rule follower - 
unlike this one girl that kept flashing in their eyes. So rude.)

Our flight left pretty early on Sunday morning, but Brandon and I woke up early enough to get a beignet and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde. They were so yummy and I wish I had another cup of coffee and a beignet right now!

Until next time, NOLA! (And there will most definitely be a next time.)

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  1. loved seeing your trip photos! have a nice weekend :)

  2. Loved reading your recap of New Orleans. I have never been and have always wanted to visit. It is so neat that you were able to meet one of the Bella twins, I love that show!



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