Friday Five

7:00 AM

Monogrammed Tervis Tumblers. After seeing this post on Society Social, I neeeeeded these tumblers. I loved the crispness of the navy and the versatility of a Tervis. We have numerous random ones and I have lots with my old monogram, but nothing that's a "set." I was so excited when these arrived on Wednesday and Brandon loves them just as much as I do
I've also fully embraced the married monogram. I was completely against it when we were engaged and right after we got married, but now I'm totally loving it. 

Organic Coconut Oil. Y'all know in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" how the dad says that Windex is a cure-all? That's totally how I am about coconut oil. We have a big jar in the kitchen for cooking and then I have a smaller jar in our bathroom for oil pulling, moisturizing, etc. I do hate that 10ish seconds in oil pulling when your waiting for the oil to liquefy, but it's not too bad and I'm slowly getting used to it.

Beautycounter. I feel like this is the new "It" thing right now. A lot of my favorite blogs started posting about it which initially peaked my curiosity and now one of my broker's wives sells it. She loaned me her sample pouch to use this week and I've really been liking it. I'm going to do a post next week about the line and what I thought about each product.

I've been searching for some new sheets for a while now. We have one pair that I absolutely love and have held up great, but after 3 years of every day use, they're starting to show some wear. It was a total shot in the dark from One Kings Lane that turned out really well. I'm trying to decide between another OKL purchase (main drawback is they aren't returnable) and Crane & Canopy. Has anyone bought sheets from them? If so, what did you think? 

Brooks Brothers Friends & Family sale is going on now through May 12th.
This is Brandon's go-to store for everything. I would say 90% of his wardrobe is Brooks Brothers  - their suits fit him perfectly and I love that we don't have to iron his shirts or pants! If you go to the store at Crabtree, ask for Nate, he is extremely helpful and will go out of his way to find what you're looking for.

Brandon's Picks:
Clark Fit Lightweight Chinos (perfect weight for spring and summer - no pleats or cuffs) //
NC State Slim Fit Polo (have to order the slim fit online - lots of great non-collegiate options too) //
Non-Iron Slim Fit Gingham Dress Shirt (love all the colors!) //
Plain-Front Lightweight Shorts (Brandon has them hemmed so they aren't quite so long)

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  1. Those sheets!!! You must!! (and the tervis too!) Happy weekend!! xoxo

  2. Love your monogrammed Tervis tumblers. Those have been in my "to buy" file FOREVER and now I am thinking it might be time to pull the trigger. As far as the sheets, I'd recommend Crane & Canopy - love their stuff! Happy Friday! -M

  3. I loved my monogrammed Tervis & can't wait to have a married monogram one day :)


  4. Those tumblers are awesome! I love anything with a monogram, so those are now officially on my wish list. Also, those sheets are beautiful! We need to buy an extra set soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love your tumblers! They are cute.

  6. I love Tervis Tumblers but have had the worst luck with them. We always take ours to the beach and ended up ruining a set by getting sunscreen on them!

  7. Oh, we spent some serious time at that Brooks Brothers sale yesterday. My man lives in their stuff like 24/7.
    I can't commit to the oil pulling yet- do you like it? I'm too grossed out lol!



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