Anniversary Trip | Charleston | Day 2

8:00 AM

Monday (our actual anniversary) was the only full day we spent in Charleston and it was perfect. Brandon and I enjoy looking in all the shops, but we love getting a bit of culture and experiencing the history - especially when we're in a place like Charleston. We decided to take a few house tours. I love getting to see the way people used to live and what style and pieces have evolved with the time. It's also interesting to compare the different styles of the houses in the South with ones (including my grandpa's) up North. 

Warning/Disclaimer: This post is going to be pretty long. 

We first toured the Nathaniel Russell House. We got the joint tickets and were able to tour the Aiken-Rhett House the next day. Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to take any photos inside. The Nathaniel Russell House is beautiful inside and the attention to detail is amazing.

After our first tour, we ended up going straight into the Calhoun Mansion tour, which is just across the street. This is the house they used for Allie's parents house in The Notebook. You weren't allowed to take interior photos in this house either. The most interesting thing about this house is that it's privately owned and the owner lives in the home about 80% of the time. Unlike the other homes where the furniture and finishes are made to look exactly as it did when the families lived there, the Calhoun Mansion is decorated with the current owner's collection and let me tell you - he has A LOT of stuff. I don't think there's an inch of space that there isn't something on.

Lunch was at Fleet Landing. We had originally planned on going to the Butcher & Bee, but didn't feel like hopping in a cab or taking the car out of the deck. The food was nothing fancy, but still good and we had a great view on the water.

After lunch we walked around the city more. It was a beautiful day!

Loved this door knocker and the lantern!

The French Huguenot Church (Where T-Rav goes)

Much needed ice cream/gelato break

A sweet couple offered to take a picture for us

Loved the tall columns on this house's piazza. 

For our anniversary dinner, we went to Husk. Husk is where we ate the night after our wedding, so it holds a special memory for us. The food was as good as we remembered, but the highlight was having before dinner drinks in the bar next door. If you eat at Husk, you have to get a before (or after - or both) dinner drink at their bar! Their cocktails were the best. I've also heard that their bar menu rivals their main house too.

Appetizers:  The best Pimento Cheese I've ever had and delicious Heirloom Tomatoes with Goat Cheese

Entrees: For dinner I had the flat iron steak special and Brandon got the pork chop. Both were very good.

Dessert: Chocolate Pie with some kind of toffee "mousse." 

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  1. Charleston is one of our favorite places! We are going for our anniversary this year as well. I really look for any excuse ;)

    I've never had the pimiento cheese at Husk. It looks delicious!

  2. Husk looks wonderful!!! Congratulations!!



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