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I've made a few purchases lately that I am thrilled with, so I thought I would share them with y'all. I try not to be an impulse shopper and most of these things I've either wanted for months and/or I was able to get on sale. I really try to buy things that are on sale or that I at least have a coupon/promo code for.

This Zara dress is even better in person. I saw a friend wearing it on Instagram and she kindly shared the details with me. This was my first purchase from Zara and I am thrilled with it. Another positive is that it is currently on sale for $29.99. I ordered it last Thursday and it was delivered on Saturday - super fast!

I originally posted about these pajamas here and my sweet mom and Dale got them for me for my birthday! They are so comfortable and I can't say enough good things about them. I love that Tink + Tiger is based in Charleston and that all of their clothing is made in America.
Tink + Tiger Silk Top and Bottoms

Y'all. Get this top. It is the softest, most comfortable top I think I've ever worn. I first got it in this indigo color while it was on sale and then scooped up the light gray as soon as that went on sale too. If you can't find it in your size on Shopbop, check Saks.

I am loving my new Karen Walker sunglasses. I've wanted these for a while now and finally ordered them with my birthday money.

I recently discovered Zella workout gear and it's a great alternative to Lululemon. Their prices are already a little cheaper and they go on sale frequently. I have the tank shown below and it's perfect for workouts. I was able to grab this one on sale a few months ago. I'm waiting to see what's on sale when the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale becomes available to the general public so I can get a couple more for as little as possible. 

My Fitness Pal has definitely turned into a habit for me and I'm thrilled to be seeing results! Although I do try to stay within my calorie limit every day, I of course have days when I go over. I also haven't deprived myself at all. If I want french fries, I have them. I just make sure to not go overboard. I set a notification alert on the app so if by a certain time in the day I haven't logged my breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it pops up with a little reminder. I've found it easier to track as I go than to try and remember everything at the end of the day. You also get a much more accurate log that way.

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  1. Those pajamas look so elegant and cozy - love the lime green accent color, too!

  2. goshhh i love everything zara! that white looks amaze!



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