River Tubing 2014

8:00 AM

This past Saturday we drove up to Stoneville, NC to go river tubing with a group of friends. We had an even better time than I think we all expected and it's definitely something we would do again.

We did it through Dan River Adventures. Through them, we rented our tubes plus tubes for our coolers, and they drove us to the "drop off" point and picked us up at the end. The only costs were for renting the tubes. Most of the group got either the cup holder tube or the Cadillac tube. I ended up going with the tube pro and was really happy with that. We thought the Cadillac tubes had a cupholder, but they didn't. We discussed that next time we could just buy our own tubes off of Amazon and then leave one car at the start point and two at the end. That way if when we got to the end of the river and wanted to float some more (like we did), we could just start over. 

I think one of the best parts of the day was the fact that we were on the water, so no one had their phones with them. It's so easy to get distracted by social media that you don't end up spending quality time with the people you're with (I'm definitely guilty of this), so it was nice to not even have that be a possibility. 

About halfway down the river we saw a rope swing that we decided we had to do. Katie and I were the first ones up there, but we did at least make Tommy stand in the water to see how deep it was. I was the first one off and had so much fun that I did it again. Poor Brandon broke his finger doing it though. By the time we got back to Raleigh, all the Urgent Cares were closed, so he had to wait until Sunday morning to get the official word that it's broken/fractured.

Despite Brandon's injury, a speeding ticket (not ours) and two pairs of lost sunglasses, I think it was an extremely successful and fun trip!

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