August Goals

5:00 PM

Oh hey, August. Where did you come from? Did we just completely skip the month of July?! It sure feels like it! The month flew by, but we had a wonderful time while it lasted. My favorite being my impromptu trip to Carolina Beach with Brandon while he was there for a conference. Delicious seafood + my toes in the sand = a small slice of heaven.

I've been loving this cooler weather (even though this week is back to being super hot). August means it's tailgating month and Fall is officially on the way!

August Goals:
-Stick to our new budget using the envelope system (we're finally getting serious about saving for a house and not living with Brandon's student loan debt for the next 20 years. Do not even get me started on the i.n.s.a.n.e. interest rates. It's disgusting. Loving some Dave Ramsey tough love though).
-Celebrate my brother's birthday (I can't believe he's going to be 22!)
-Keep tracking meals on My Fitness Pal (today was 70 days in a row!)
-Continue working out regularly. I've been going to the gym straight from work and it's turned into a great habit
-Be in bed by 10:00 every night
-Stop being a slacker, wake up early, and do my morning devotional!
-Have a picnic with friends and catch a movie at NCMA.
-Get ready for Wolfpack Football! Really wanting to make a banner like this one.

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