Meal Planning

12:10 PM

I've definitely dropped the ball with my meal planning posts, but I've still been planning our meals every week. Now that we're living on a much stricter budget, meal planning is more important than ever. I'm not willing to sacrifice eating healthy or [mostly] organic to save money, so I have to be a little more creative with our meals and where we shop. We joined Costco which has a surprising amount of organic products and I also switched out shopping at my beloved Whole Foods for Trader Joe's. So far so good, and I'm actually feeling really accomplished at sticking to our budget. 

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  1. I am glad you love Costco! They have a few prepared salads that are great for lunches or parties. We follow Dave Ramsey as well for the past year and it helped with paying off student loans and really set us up to move without incurring debt. The grocery budget is the once that is the tightest at the end of the month!



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