Weekend Recap

12:54 PM

Goodness gracious, y'all. I feel like I've been going nonstop for the past four days. Even this morning at work has been insane. I guess everyone's finally realizing that summer is almost over and they're getting back into the swing of things. 

Friday was a super long day at work, and I'd been craving a donut ever since Furbish + The Everygirl posted a picture of them on insta two weeks ago. I called Brandon on both his office and cell phone to leave a message telling him to not come home without {sprinkle} donuts. I happily ate two on Friday and one on Saturday and I regret noooothing. They were so good. 

On Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday morning/afternoon, Brandon and I took the NC Hunter Education course. We're now able to get our hunting licenses in North Carolina. It was actually a very interesting and informative class and the guy who taught it (Leonard Rex) did a great job. I'm pretty sure that everyone in that class was looking at me and wondering what I was doing there, but whatever. 

Brandon will probably end up doing a lot more types of hunting then I'm planning on. I'm going to stick with upland hunting (dove, quail, pheasant) - plus, the accessories are way cuter and less camo. ;) 

After we finished our course we headed to Durham to visit my grandma. It's always so nice getting to visit with her. Mama and Papa watched me a lot when I was younger when we still lived in Durham and I have some of the best/happiest memories with them. I love getting to go through all of the photo albums she has. Papa loved taking photos and they have so many great pictures of when we were all growing up.

I also went through her recipe box and took photos of some of my favorite recipes that she makes. Ryan and I still need her to give us a lesson on how to make her biscuits and chicken pie. Both those things are just in her head. I would love to have some of the original copies of her recipes to frame in our kitchen.

On Sunday we went to the Gathering and then had brunch at Capital Club 16. I've been wanted to eat there for a while now. I got the roasted turkey sandwich with brie and granny smith apples and it did not disappoint. Downtown Raleigh has some amazing restaurants and they're all so unique. We're very fortunate to live in a city that values the small business owner! I can't wait to go back and try it for dinner.

We're less than two weeks away from football season and even though we're still getting our tickets and parking pass figured out, I'm so ready for it to be here! We went to Jo-Ann's yesterday after our grocery shopping and got the supplies to make the pennant banner I put on my August Goals list. I got a good way through the project yesterday and I'm loving how it's turning out! It's been a pretty easy process so far and cost less than $10 (and we have a bunch of burlap left over)!

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