Weekend Recap

9:46 AM

Friday nights we normally take it easy because we're both worn out after a long week. This past Friday we rented Divergent from Redbox (love a cheap movie rental!). I actually liked it even more than I thought I would and am looking forward to the next installment. It was really well made and the actors were fantastic.

Brandon and I have talked about hiking at Umstead for years now and we finally went this past Saturday. It was so fun and we're already planning another trip for our next free Saturday. We did the 5.8 mile trail this time, but Brandon wants to try out the 7.2 mile one next time. 

Glad we didn't go tubing down this river!

We had some money left over from our weekly food budget, so we ate at Burger Fi after our hike. We love their food and the fact that they use all natural ingredients with no hormones or antibiotics. Their prices are also really reasonable compared to a lot of other restaurants (especially the ones that use good, fresh ingredients!). 

This past Sunday was the last sermon in our summer long series, "Press Pause." They closed with "Press Pause and Bless." Lisa was back from a few weeks of vacation and you could tell she was feeling revitalized. This week's sermon could have also been "Press Pause and Laugh" because she had all of us laughing along with her. She has such an amazing presence and has truly found her calling. I still can't get over how amazing all of our minsters are. It's a true blessing to get to hear Ned, Will, Justin, and Lisa preach every Sunday. I can't wait to see what the next sermon series is going to be because this one was the best yet. If you want to hear any of the past sermons, just go here.

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! We had a new assistant start at work this week and it's been great having another person on our marketing/broker assistant team! Now we're all just waiting for our move to the new office (T-minus 37 days - *hopefully*).

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