Wishlist Wednesday

11:02 AM

Today's wishlist consists of a few things that are going to find their way onto my Christmas list this year (I know I'm super ahead of the game - in my head, it's October) + a few great staples for fall. I'm trying to be much more realistic with my "wants" and really get things that will last a long time and that I'll get good use out of.

Barbour Better Fleece Interactive Liner:   As soon as Nowells' gets in theirs in (they sell out super fast!) I got the Barbour Beadnell last year, but didn't end up getting the liner. Brandon, mom, and my brother all have the liners and it makes the jacket exponentially warmer. I was kicking myself all winter for not getting it when I got the jacket.

Emily Ley's Simplified Planner: Another thing I wish I had gotten as soon as it went on sale. The Simplified Planner is the ultimate organizer for your personal life and work. I love all the pages and features she includes. It's the little things that make this planner special. They go on sale September 3rd at 10:00 am (EST)

Rag & Bone Newbury Bootie in Nubuck:  These have been on my wishlist for well over a year now and are the top item on my Christmas list. I've heard nothing by amazing things about them, they have a great heel height, and are super cute. Definitely won't be ordering them until the Shopbop Friends & Family sale though.

Ivanka Trump Leopard Flats:  I've had a pair of leopard flats since my freshmen year of college and each pair has been worn until the "hair" has rubbed off and there's nothing left of the soles. They're such a great staple 

Gold Bar Necklace, Set of 3: I love a layered necklace look and you can't beat the price of this one! It's $86 for all 3 shown and you can have whatever you want stamped on the middle bar. I love that I could also wear my sideways cross necklace with this too!

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