Friday Five

2:13 PM

Even though my girls Caroline and April haven't started back with their Friday Five link up, I figured it would be fun to get back into the swing of things since fall is officially here (even though the weather seems to disagree).

I figured first up I would give a little update on our first month living with the Envelope System. Brandon and I are both really enjoying the tighter budget. We're both very numbers driven people and to see the dollars in our savings account slowly inch higher makes us both super happy and motivated. It also helps us feel like we're finally making progress on that 20% house down payment. 

I bought a coupon organzier off etsy to keep all of our cash in. I like that it has the dividers and the tabs for you to label each section. The coupon organizer was a lot cheaper than the specific envelope system wallets I found on etsy at $13.75 (now only $13.00). Dave Ramsey has a bunch of envelope wallet options on his website, but they're vinyl and more like a real wallet and I didn't want to replace the one I carry all the time. We leave our envelope organizer at home and get cash out whenever we need something specific. The only time we take it with us is when we do our weekly grocery shopping because we might need cash out of our food and household budget. My only complaint about the organizer we have is that the loose change falls out (which makes sense because it's not designed for that), but otherwise I really like it. We also now keep all of our receipts for everything which is something we didn't do before.

We split our "envelopes" into the following categories:
-Auto Care (car washes, inspections, etc)
-Clothing (necessities, not a cute new top)
-Blow Money (we each have our own and we can spend it on whatever we want)
-Gifts (birthdays, weddings, etc.)
-Date Night

Using my "blow money," I bought the cutest top at J.Crew. I'd wanted it for a while and was able to score it on sale plus an additional 40% off! I had a gift card too, so I only ended up spending $18 on it. It's super cute and I'm actually wearing it today! I sized down one size, but could have probably sized down one more.
I'm so excited to have grabbed one of Emily Ley's Simplified Planners! I was sad that I missed the boat last year and made sure to order mine for 2015 as soon as they went on sale. I already received shipping confirmation and it'll be delivered tomorrow! I wish I didn't have to wait until January to start using it!

I'm semi-obsessed with this ring stack by considerthewldflowrs. I especially love the two round rings in the middle. They're rose gold and the band they sit on is yellow gold. Added to the wishlist.

I'm sure everyone by now has seen the Food Babe's post on PSLs. It's pretty upsetting, but more for the fact that it removed me from my blissful state of unawares than actually being surprised. It's definitely going to make me limit my frequency, but to say I'm not going to drink them at all any more would be a total lie. Everything in moderation, right?

We have a home game tomorrow against Old Dominion. Hopefully the team plays a little better than they did last time. It's going to be hot again, but kickoff isn't until 6:00, so we at least won't have the sun beating down on us in the game. Fingers crossed that we don't get the thunderstorms they're predicting! I hope y'all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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  1. I love that top from JCrew. Unfortunately, I am too short to pull that off but love the sleeves. That planner looks so fun. Making a mental note for next year.



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