Labor Day Weekend Recap

3:16 PM

Of course now that we're past Labor Day and officially heading towards fall, I was almost ready for a little more summer. That is of course, until the 90 degree weather this week. Gross. North Carolina is seriously confused. We celebrated the end of summer with our first football game of the season and a spontaneous beach trip. We may have barely scraped by with a win on the football field, but we definitely won the tailgate (and that's what really matters, right?).

I took some pictures of our set up on my real camera, but those of course are still on my camera. I was super happy with how the banner turned out (you can see it behind Brandon and me in the first photo), and might make another one at some point.

Brandon and his twinnie cupcake

I'm pretty sure around this point is when Brandon scraped up his shorts. Boo.

The game was soooo stinkin' hot. Can we not schedule a 12:30 game in August ever again? Normally people leave the stadium because we're terrible, but this time it was because it was so hot that you physically couldn't take the heat. Luckily this week's game isn't until 6:00 and we have tents and tree shade for our tailgate. Doeren also seems to have learned his lesson and didn't complain about the fans leaving the stands during the game.

Sunday we headed down to Atlantic Beach with Peter and another friend as a spur of the moment trip. We had such a great time down there. We hung out on the beach (while the boys consumed lots of alcohol) and had an all around relaxing time. I got a little burned on Sunday, but overall, it was totally worth it. You can't go too wrong with your toes in the sand and your head in a book.

Drinks at the Arendell Room

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  1. Looks like a great weekend. I am missing the beach already but am ready for fall weather. I love the JLR cup!



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