Friday Five

8:56 AM Blog break, much? Things have been going pretty nonstop for us lately and it just never felt like I had a minute to blog. We finally moved into our fancy new office three weeks ago and things are finally starting to slow down a bit (work wise anyway). Two weekends ago we were in New York, so I really need to get a recap of that up. We had such a great time and it's always great to be in the city in the fall.

1. Lots of exciting things are happening in our house. For starters, the McPhersons are moving! We're still ironing out the details for our next home, but ready or not, we'll be out of our current house by the middle of January. 
In August, Brandon and I started Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and are using the envelope system. We did a lot of talking and praying about our next home and have decided to continue renting. Although we would love to own our own home, we have decided that this is the best financial decision for us. I am so proud of my husband for working as hard as he did to realize his lifelong dream of becoming an attorney, but that has left us with a good amount of student loans (private law school. ouch.) that we want to pay off before we buy a house. I'm excited to share more details about our move when they're all ironed out. We both are very happy and confident in this decision and are looking forward to making lots of wonderful memories in a new home.

2. We're not leaving our current house without a bang though! Besides for spending one more holiday season here, we're thrilled to be throwing our dear friends, Ryan and Kirsten, an engagement party in November. I'm going to refrain from posting projects and things before the party on here because I want everything to be a surprise for them, but there will be lots of mini food and pretty displays inspired by Emily Thomas.
photo by Tanja Lippert

3. This past Wednesday I took my first needlepoint class through JLR. I've wanted to learn how to needlepoint for years and was excited to get to push I needed through a league social. My grandmother was an incredible needlepointer. My great aunt would paint designs and patterns onto the canvas and then she would needlepoint them. As a lefty, learning how to needlepoint is a little trickier than I was originally counting on. Everything is the opposite from what the instructor was telling everyone else to do and even looking at the pattern, the way I would start things was completely backwards.  I think a few lessons with a lefty are in order, but I'm looking 
The girl who organized the class is working on this pattern right now for her bar cart. Love it!

4. I'm officially obsessed with my Nest Pumpkin Chai candle. It's making our house smell so festive and fall and they last forever! Now to just decide between the Holiday and Birchwood Pine for the holidays. Decisions, decisions.

5. Last night I finally went into the If It's Paper in Raleigh. I've been meaning to go in for a while now and finally had a good excuse last night. I was very impressed with all the great things they had. Not only do they have lots of paper and colored envelopes, they have products by Rifle and Sugar Paper plus the cutest selection of cocktail napkins. I can't wait to take mom back with me so we can spend longing looking at all the great finds. There's also one in Greensboro. I haven't been to that one in years, but I'm sure it's just as good if that one's closer to you!

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  1. Love the cheers canvas!! My mama owned a needlepoint shop and passed on her love of it to me. Can't wait to see your projects as you progress!! Happy Friday!

  2. That needlepoint is too fab! Love that! And nest candles are some of the best! Happy Friday!
    xo Southern Style

  3. Good luck with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover!! My husband and I have been doing it for a year now. I can't imagine not having a budget or being intentional with our money. It has been such a blessing for our marriage!!

  4. Congrats on the upcoming move!! I had no idea JLR had a needlepoint class. I learned a bit in high school and found it so soothing. I would love to take a class.

  5. I have heard so much about those nest candles! Sounds like I need to get one, stat! :)



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