Thanksgiving Recap

8:00 AM

Look who's getting her act together and posting recaps! Our Thanksgiving was a great one this year. We were able to see all of our family and decorate for Christmas which was an added bonus. Hopefully Christmas will be equally fun and stress-free!

Thursday morning we headed to Laurinburg to see Brandon's family and have breakfast with them. I was thankful for the breakfast food since we had two big traditional Thanksgiving meals ahead of us. We were originally planning to head to my aunt and uncle's earlier in the day to go shoot skeet with the cousins, but due to the wet/muddy conditions, we were able to stay with Brandon's family for longer.

Thursday dinner was at my aunt and uncle's in Cedar Grove, like normal. There is always so much family there and it's a great time. It's so fun now that all the cousins are older - my youngest one is 16. We have the best time together and there is so much laughter on top of the delicious food.
Super strong punch that Abby and Adam made 

I adore my Aunt Marcia's blue and white plate wall in her kitchen!

The sweetest pup

Trying to get my brother to take a Thanksgiving picture of me and Brandon turned into 30 photos, one of which was good/serious, and the rest we're either laughing, making fun of Brandon's food baby (which is not a real baby, btw), or we goofing off at my cousin Amy laying on the ground taking pictures. 

Thursday night we spent the night at mom and Dale's so we could have a quick drive to my aunt and uncle's in Greensboro for lunch on Friday. I love the two sides of my family so much. Things couldn't be more different in terms of the people (and noise level), but both places are so warm and full of love. 

I made a butternut squash salad with a maple vinaigrette

Aunt Karen makes the best bread you have ever had.

Cute placecards that Aunt Karen ("Mia") and Halle made a few years ago.

After lunch we tried to get a photo of my cousin's children for their Christmas card. Alexander wasn't being the most cooperative, but he is just so darn cute! I don't get to see him or his momma nearly enough since they're in Charlotte.

Saturday I helped mom get the house all ready for Christmas. We had to do lots of running around, but it was so fun to get to spend that time together and their house looks great!

We got back to Raleigh early Sunday morning. After Brandon worked for a little bit, we got our house decorated for Christmas and were even able to get our tree up! I love that we're already starting to have some traditions for our little family of two. I know that years from now when it's not just the two of us, we'll love having had these memories.

We ended up getting our tree at Avent Ferry UMC this year. Our tree is gorgeous, was a great price, and we love that the money went back to a church and their men's group.

When we got home, we decorated the tree and watched Christmas Vacation which we have since watched at least 5 more times.

All decorated!

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