Friday Five

7:00 AM

It's finally Friday! I'm looking forward to a sunny and warmer weekend watching some Wolfpack basketball and getting a few things done around the house. I can't wait to post a few updates when things are a little more put together!

One.  Shark Rotator Professional 3-in-1 Vacuum
I never thought I would be singing the praises of a vacuum, but here I am. We didn't have a vacuum in the old house because we had all hardwood/linoleum floors. In the new house we have a mix of everything including carpet in two of the bedrooms. This vacuum is amazing on all the different floor types. The attachment tools are amazing and I feel like the house is a million times cleaner because of this vacuum. I went around the edges/corner of every room with the attachment tool and was able to suck up so much dirt, dog hair, etc. The carpets were professionally cleaned before we moved in and this guy was able to get stuff the professionals didn't. 

Mom was actually the one who did the research on vacuums when she had to buy one for work and this was the one she decided on. I honestly don't know how a Dyson could get any better than this. The retail price for the Shark is half the price of a Dyson and you can use a 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon making it the best deal ever. If you need a new vacuum or you hate yours, I could not recommend this one more.
My sweet in laws got me these flats for Christmas and they are my new favorites! They are so comfortable and I love how simple they are. The leather is so soft and it's nice to not have logos all over everything you wear. Next time they have another 25-30% off sale I might have to grab these in black or one of the other six cute colors they have!
Three. Threshold Tufted Bench
We decided that in our new entry a bench would be cuter and more practical than a table,  and we were so excited to get such a nice bench for such a great price!
This is our inspiration for the entry way: 
We have a random opening above where the bench sits that is awkwardly high. We'd either need a REALLY large photo/painting/etc. or we're going to get two different photos and frame them in these Ribba frames. In a budget-free, no money worries world, I would love to get this print by Thom Filicia, but as that's not the case, I'm on the lookout for two 12" x 12" prints/photos (suggestions welcome!!). I'm loving how it's all coming together and the bench looks really cute with our Lulu & Georgia painted dessert rug.

Four. Coffee Tank via Etsy
This tank pretty much sums up my life. It would be so cute to wear lounging around the house or running errands on the weekend!
I made this salad for a side with my lunches this week and it was SO good. I'm pretty picky about kale and up until this salad, I've only ever liked the kale salad they have at A Southern Season. Even Brandon really likes it. My only 2 notes are that I used half an onion instead of a whole one and next time I think I'll use even less. I also highly recommend getting a bunch of kale instead of the individually bagged kind. You have to de-vein the kale and it would be much easier/quicker if it's in a long piece instead of a million tiny ones.


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  1. Love that tufted bench and the inspiration, so pretty!

    That salad sounds super yummy, thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel like I love anything tufted--we have an ottoman that's tufted and I just love it (and I get so many compliments on it). Those flats look super adorable and comfy--I'm sure you're getting tons of use out of them!
    Have a great Friday girl!

  3. Super cute bench - love that! Classic but practical.
    Happy weekend!

  4. Love those flats. I have been on a hunt for a black pair for almost a year now and could never commit. Once my shopping freeze is over in January I will be checking these out!

  5. I can't wait until I get a house so I can get cute benches like that! Our apartment is too dang small right now.
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  6. I seriously want that Etsy shirt now. and I love Kale salads with cranberries and almonds too

  7. we share a similar style i believe - loving your picks and blog! i am new :) have a great weekend and excited to follow you. xo



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