April Goals & Catch Up

11:06 AM

Hey bloggy friends! I know it's been forever since I posted and we have certainly been busy around these parts. It feels like we've been going non-stop and even a little winter blues couldn't shadow all the wonderful things going. We've celebrated weddings, births, and even a trip to Nashville -- plus some snow, but it's finally starting to feel like spring. We've also joined an amazing missional community at our church and made lots of amazing new friends! God is so good, y'all. 

Cheering on the Wolfpack in Nashville 

Getting to meet my oldest friend's (of almost 16 years!) precious son, Colton

Celebrating Ryan & Kirsten at the Merrimon-Wynne

Since moving into the new house and getting way more involved in church, my daily routine has been thrown off a little bit and I figured writing it out on this little blog would be the best way to hold me accountable.

Daily Goals:
-Wake up/get out of bed by 6:45 on weekdays
-Make the bed! -- When we moved we upgraded to a king size bed. We looove it, but it is crazy how much more effort you have to put into making it. 
-Work out 4 days a week -- I have been doing this and am feeling so good!
-Drink 10 glasses of water a day
-Take vitamins -- really need to do this!
-Lights out by 10:15 -- this will really help with my first two morning goals and I know my sweet husband would appreciate this too!

April Goals:
-Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with our amazing church family
-Make everyone feel welcome as we host our first missional community gathering
-Host our first out of town guests!
-Be completely present for our '06 girls beach weekend
-Plant our herb and vegetable garden
-Make strawberry and peach jam -- excited to add peach to our annual tradition!
-Hike at Umstead
-Help organize a small group bible study now that Alpha is almost over

There are so many wonderful things I'm looking forward to in April. We are loving this season of our lives and feel so fortunate for all the amazing things happening. 

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