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For my 27th birthday, I wanted to do a refresh of my 101 in 1,001 list even though the timeline for that one won't be completed until September. I've reevaluated priorities and I wanted to create a list that reflects where I am right now. I think that these are all realistic and obtainable, but also a great list of things that will keep me accountable.

1.    Start a bible study with a small group from our Missional Community (June 2015!)
2.    Train a lovable and obedient puppy (can't wait for Finley Hunt to join our family this fall!)
3.    Pay off Volvo
4.    Buy Brandon a new car
5.    Save for a house of our own
6.    Continue to work towards paying off Brandon's student loans
7.    Stick to the envelope system to keep our spending in check
8.    Continue to workout 3-4 times a week
9.    Follow the 80/20 Eating Principle
10.  Find and purchase a dining room table and chairs
11.  Create a warm/welcoming entrance to our current home
12.  Make purposeful purchases on quality items that will last
13.  Celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.
14.  ...and our 4th!
15.  ...and our 5th!
16.  Increase our giving to church every year
17.  Have a baby (!)
18.  Host a themed party -- planning on the 2016 Summer Olympics
19.  Support a friend in something they're doing
20.  Have the club chairs recovered
21.  Adopt a family for Christmas in 2015
22.  ...and in 2016
23.  ...and in 2017
24.  Run in Ella's Race
25.  Go to Scotland with Brandon
26.  Wake up earlier. Establish a morning routine that works for me
27.  Read for 30 minutes every night for one month
28.  Spend more time in purposeful prayer with Brandon
29.  Invest in a quality wedding album (leaning towards the cream photo album from Milk Books)
30.  Have a "date night" with Brandon once a week -- even if it's grabbing coffee before work
31.  Go on a weekend trip with friends (at least once a year)
32.  Read 12 books a year (At least one from each of these categories: Spirituality, Finances, Career,          Marriage + Family, Social, Personal + Intellectual Development, Health, Rest/Enjoyment)
33.  Go to Kentucky and tour some of Brandon's favorite bourbon distilleries 
34.  Get rid of the bamboo forest in our current backyard
35.  Make our screened in porch a comfortable place to gather
36.  Learn to French braid
37.  Have our Christmas stockings my grandmother needlepointed finished
38.  Make a will
39.  Send my mom flowers out of the blue
40.  Send my mama flowers out of the blue
41.  Go on another river tubing adventure with friends
42.  Plant a vegetable and herb garden
43.  Cultivate a collection of old family photos
44.  Host a "friendsgiving"
45.  Write out all of our favorite family recipes
46.  Read every Jane Austen novel
47.  Kayak in the Intracoastal
48.  Read 5 auto/biographies
49.  Help host a baby or bridal shower
50.  Visit a friend in another state
51.  Go berry picking (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries -- I'm not picky!)
52.  Get a timeless and well made rolling suitcase
53.  Take a Photoshop class
54.  Learn how to make my mama's chicken pie and biscuits
55.  Travel to 5 new cities
56.  Watch an outdoor movie at the NC Museum of Art
57.  Go antiquing in Cooperstown
58.  Have a spa day with mom
59.  Learn how to give my hair soft waves
60.  Send out Christmas cards with a modern newsletter

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