Painting Our Front Door

1:10 PM

We've turned a bit of our focus from the interior of our house to the exterior. Most of the projects we would like to tackle inside (i.e. recovering/new furniture) are on hold until we figure out what kind of a chewer our puppy will be. Last weekend we began to tackle part of the bamboo forest in our backyard. We're about 1/3 of the way there with chopping it down but then the battle for killing the ridiculous root systems begins.

I finally ordered a boxwood wreath for our front door. With the door being navy, the wreath blends in more than I'd like from the street. Our front door has a cool "design" and I think a different color would help showcase that. I also want to switch out the mailbox slot for an antique brass one.

I mocked up quite a few different color options for Brandon and mom to look at. The main things I took into consideration when narrowing things down was whether or not it would look good with our North Carolina flag or an American flag and if it would clash with Christmas colors/decorations. We immediately nixed the greens and coral/pink tones. 

We narrowed it down to the Red and Wyhte Blue. After scrolling through Pinterest, talking things over with mom, and seeing the below picture; we settled on the Wythe Blue. Now to just find a free day that's not 90° to paint it! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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  1. LOVE that! I have been dying to paint our door but I can't make a decision!

  2. perfection! I love your choice so much!!!!

  3. That color is beautiful! it would make a great door color!

  4. That diamond pattern door is so cool! Have you thought about painting the Wythe Blue alternating with the trim color? Like this:

    It would make the curb appeal from the street really pop:

    Just a thought! :-)



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