Our Painted Front Door

8:44 AM

Y'all might remember this post, where I talked about wanting to paint our front door a different color. Even though I posted about it over a month and a half ago, I only waited about a week -- when we got a slight reprieve in the weather -- to complete this project. It was surprisingly a quick and easy project that I happily completed while Brandon had to run into work one Saturday. 

My Steps:
1. Pick up your paint! I went with the Benjamin Aura outdoor paint in Wythe Blue (HC-143)
2. Remove the letter mail slot 
3. Sand down the front door. I used a fine grain sandpaper that the guy at Benjamin Moore recommended.
4.  Wipe down the door to get rid of excess dirt and sand debris.
5. Paint your first coat! There are lots of great tutorials online, but since our door is a different pattern, I did the creases on each row and then painted over that row before moving on to the next row of diamonds. I used a small, slightly angled brush.
6. I let the first coat dry for approximately 3 hours before I did the next one.

Tip: It's best to have at least 3 hours between coats, but the longer the better. I probably could have waited another hour or so. It's also great to be able to keep your door open for as long as possible to let it dry. If you close the door too soon, your paint won't fully dry and you'll get that stick every time you try to open it.

Our door before -- it definitely needed some help!
After the first coat

After the second coat

All done!

MUCH better! Now we just need to get a bench for the right side of the door.

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  1. I love that color! I'm loving the trend where people are painting their front doors some bright color. The color you chose looks great with the white brick!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. LOVE IT! I'm still dying to give our front door a makeover too



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