Beach Weekending

8:47 AM

The end of last week and the weekend was a nice shakeup from my normal routine. We had a work retreat in Pinehurst and all the girls got to enjoy the Spa at Pinehurst. I got the Champions Massage and it was amazing. I've been very fortunate to have some very nice massages in the last few years while on work trips with Brandon, but I think this one tops it all. We stayed at Pine Needles and it looked straight out of dirty dancing. I forgot how cute Pinehurst is and already have a weekend getaway with Brandon on my mind.

Friday after our retreat was over, I headed to Ocean Isle for a fun beach weekend. Mom and Dale were nice enough to let us stay at the beach house and we all had the best time. We all loved that we didn't have a car big enough to fit the six of us, but the golf cart could! 
The boys swimming the first night

Gorgeous sunset on Friday night

So thankful for these people and their friendship

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