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3:08 PM

I can't believe it's already September and it's been almost another month since I've blogged. We are definitely keeping busy but having the best time while we're at it!

As soon as Brandon OK-ed the club chairs getting recovered, we found out that they were about to breed for our litter! The puppies are due on October 23 which means we'll get to bring Finley home right before Christmas. Best present ever. Needless to say, the chairs getting recovered are once again on the back burner, but I am perfectly content to trade recovered chairs for a puppy. 

I traveled to High Point twice in August. The first time for one of my dearest friend (and former double partner)'s baby shower and then the following weekend for another friends wedding. I've been friends with these girls for 15 years and they mean so much to me (we missed you Sarah!).

Two weekends ago we through a Wine & Design party for two of the girls in our mission community who are getting married this fall. We had a great time even though we bit off a little more than we could chew with the design. 

This past weekend we hosted a cookout for our missional community. Our group has gotten so big that we have multiplied into two groups. We're so excited that this multiplication allows us to reach out to friends and continue to spread the Gospel. 

Right after Brandon lost giant jenga and they came crashing down on me. (I promise he's petting my head and checking to make sure I'm okay -- thus everyone laughing around us).

What fun things have y'all been up to lately or what do you have coming up? I'm excited for the long weekend ahead and the first wolfpack football game of the season! 

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