Holiday Goals

7:00 AM

We were semi-successful with our Fall Goals (I know fall isn't technically over yet). We did fail to make it on a hike, to the pumpkin patch or the farmer's market a single time, but we still did lots of fun things!

I'm so excited the holidays are here. I'm going to be slightly less ambitious with my Holiday Goals because I really want to spend a lot of time soaking up the season.

-Get our Christmas tree! 
-Decorate our house for Christmas
-Bring home Finley and get him potty trained! (we're getting there with the potty training!)
-Drive around and look at all the Christmas lights (major fail)
-Celebrate with family and friends
-Have all presents purchased and wrapped by December 19
-Remember the true meaning of Christmas in all of our celebrations
-Attend our church's Love Feast - Sunday, Nov 29 at 6:00 (Sanctuary)
-Attend Emmanuel Encounter - Friday, Dec 11 at 7:00 (Kerr Hall) -- we brought Fin home this night and we just couldn't bear to leave him
-Attend a Christmas Eve service -- sadly, we didn't make it to one of these either because we were still at a family dinner

Here's the calendar of all the Christmas happenings at our church!

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