New Year's Eve

9:58 AM

We had an amazing New Year's Eve spent at home with some of our best friends. This was also Brandon and my first official dinner party where we cooked the entire meal. It was so much fun and stress free because I know that these people aren't coming for a clean house and yummy food (although I know they enjoy it!), they're coming for fun times with great friends. It really helps to keep everything in perspective. 

We also got to celebrate with Marion and Zack when they opened up their envelope to reveal the gender of their sweet baby that's arriving this May! I changed my guess at the last minute and ended up being right!
I made fun party hats for all the girls. The best part was it took maybe 5 minutes for all 4!


I made my mom's chocolate sour cream pound cake for dessert. It's a miracle it turned out as well as it did. I forgot to put the vanilla in until it was already in the oven so we had to take it out and mix it in. Then at some point, I turned off the oven while it was still baking!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! Finley looks miserable because he hates getting his picture taken and all types of technology in general.

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  1. Love the party hat idea. We had a few guests over to our house as well. It is my favorite way to ring in the new year!



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