20 Weeks

9:39 AM

I finally want to start on these updates so I can look back and see how things change and progress. Definitely won't be doing these every week, but it will be fun to document the process more. A bump is finally starting to pop out -- mainly when I wear workout clothes. I feel like my entire torso, starting at my ribs is starting to curve out.  I can't wait for people to know that I'm pregnant just by looking at me. Getting tired of the "Are you sure you're pregnant? You don't look like it" comments.

How Far Along: 20 weeks + 2 days

Baby’s size? The size of a mango. According to my app he weighs 10 oz, but at my doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago, he was measuring at 8 oz so I have a feeling he's a little bigger than that.

Gender: A boy! 
We had the ultrasound tech write down what our baby was in an envelope at our last appointment and then opened it once we got back to the car. Brandon opened the envelope and we were so excited to see we're having a boy! My first reaction was, "I knew it!" and then I immediately started crying. As Brandon and I were hugging, he prayed over our baby by name for the first time. It was seriously one of the best moments of my life. 

We headed back to our house where mom met us for lunch. We had purchased a boy and girl outfit the night before and gave her the boy outfit to open. She was just thrilled. I think we would do it this way for every baby. It was so perfect.
So excited to open "the" envelope!

Maternity clothes? Yes! I know it doesn't really look like it, but I cannot wear any of my regular pants. Baby boy is sitting super low and maternity pants are just way more comfortable. I'm still wearing all my regular tops, just sticking with the looser fitting ones.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well. I ordered the aden + anais maternity and nursing pillow last week and it's been a dream. It's smaller than normal pregnancy pillows, but still meets the need and I love that I'll be able to use it later too.

Best moment: Everyone finally knowing that we're pregnant and that we're having a boy. It's so fun for other people to share in our excitement and this wonderful time.

We also had a wonderful Valentine's day. Brandon is the romantic in our relationship and made the day so special. Breakfast in bed, brunch at Mandolin, and chocolate covered strawberries. I also just love our relationship. About halfway through our meal, we each decided we're rather have what the other was eating and swapped plates. 

Movement: I'm definitely feeling him wiggle around, but Brandon hasn't been able to feel him yet. Neither of us can wait for that to happen.

Food cravings: None that I can think of. I was craving kettle cooked sea salt chips in the beginning. I don't think I've ever eaten as many potato chips as I have during this pregnancy. Still tracking my calories every day and trying to make healthy choices (key word there, "trying").

Symptoms? Acid reflux. Ugh. I've been drinking some tea that helps a little, but I'm about to switch over to Zantac to see if I can get some all day relief. Other than that, feeling great besides for the expected tiredness. 

Workouts: Trying to get back at it. Feeling much more confident that baby is safe and sound in my belly so I've started to do some Barre3 at home prenatal workouts. Also attempting to get in some more walking if this weather would cooperate. 

Nursery: We've picked out the fabric we're going to use for the glider, crib skirt, and pelmet box. Brandon is also planning to paint the nursery this weekend as long as we're able to decide on a paint color! Mom found these vintage Winnie the Pooh prints that we're going to hang behind the crib.

Baby Goodies Acquired: Lots and lots of clothes! I'm in a Facebook consignment group and have found lots of great stuff for awesome prices on there. Cute smocked outfits as well as Kissy Kissy onesies. 

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  1. How exciting! Love your bump! I love these posts so I can't wait to follow along!
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