Our Baby Boy

9:06 AM

It's been pretty quiet around here and that's because Brandon and I have been keeping a big secret! We are so happy to announce that we're expecting a precious baby boy who is anticipated to arrive on July 3. I hit the 19 week mark yesterday and it's crazy to believe we're almost at the halfway mark to meeting our sweet boy!

We found out I was pregnant at the 4 week mark, so we have known for a long time. That was quite the weekend for us. Brandon got home on Saturday, October 24 from a work conference in Miami, we found out Finley had been born that day, and then the next morning we found out we were pregnant!

On Sunday morning before church I decided to take two tests because obviously one wouldn't be enough. Well, it turns out I'm an incompetent pregnancy test taker. After the allotted waiting time, there were no lines. I took two more and by the time the lines on the second two tests showed up (pretty much immediately), the lines on one of the first tests showed up (I completely messed up the other one). All three of those tests were positive.

We are so excited to enter into this new season of our life together. I have wanted to be a mother since before I could even truly grasp the concept. After meeting, dating, and marrying Brandon, that dream become even stronger because of the incredible father I know he'll be to our children. We are so grateful to God for watching over our sweet baby. Putting our faith in him and giving him our fears has made every step of this journey that much easier. 

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:5

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  1. Congratulations, friend! Somehow I missed this news, but I'm so excited for y'all!! Now I know why you were at the Hayes Barton sale :)



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