24 Weeks

9:17 AM

24 weeks + 1 day

How Far Along: 24 weeks + 2 days

Baby’s size? As long as 12 inches and should weigh a little over 1.5 lbs. 

Gender: A precious baby boy! 

Workouts: Trying to get in 3 30-minute walks a week plus my prenatal yoga class. I need to do some more of the Barre3 prenatal workouts as well.

Nursery: Since my last update we found a dresser, Brandon assembled the crib, and we purchased our glider. We were originally going to order it in a printed fabric, but ended up purchasing it from South off the floor at a great price in a neutral fabric! 

I was sitting in the nursery last night questioning why all of our individual pieces were amazing, but the room just wasn't working. We have a plan to completely rearrange where everything is and I think it'll make things 100% better. Brandon wouldn't let me help move the furniture or we would have done it last night.

Now we need to get going on the details to make our sweet boy's room "his."

Maternity clothes? Yes. I also had to break down and buy some new bras. Hoping these will last until I have to switch over to nursing bras. Still loving how comfortable dresses are and feeling thankful to be progressing through this pregnancy as it gets warmer.

Sleep: This is really starting to get worse. I cannot seem to get comfortable and I'm sure this will only get worse. Daylight savings time is also throwing us for a loop.

Best moment: Our last ultrasound was pretty great. They were able to see everything they couldn't last time and our sweet boy is perfect, healthy and developing on track. I think Brandon's highlight would be being able to feel him kick. He's always so excited when he can feel him and I can't wait to see the bond these two have. Our sweet son is one lucky guy to have Brandon as his daddy.

Movement: He's moving all the time now! Brandon felt our sweet boy kick for the first time on Monday, February 29. He was kicking (I think it was actually his arm - so punching) pretty hard and I was like, surely Brandon can feel that. I put his hand on my belly and about a minute later Brandon felt him. So good. 

Food cravings: A few weeks ago I was really craving bloody mary's. I ordered a couple of non-alcoholic ones and have the homemade mix from Nofo even though it is not so good for the acid reflux I've developed
. I feel like I'm finally back on track with eating healthier and I'm feeling great because of it.

Symptoms? Occasional pain in my lower back/butt from my pelvis growing which makes me feel like I'm wobbling when I walk. Baby boy needs more room and I'm happy to take some pains for him! I started taking Zantac 75 and it's really helping my acid reflux.

Baby Goodies Acquired: The glider and the crib are really the only things since our last update. He has a good amount of clothes and I figured we'll probably get more at our showers that are coming up. 

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